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The Biological Society, a non-profit organisation, is responsible for the Biological Museum.

The collections of the Biological Museum comprise botanical and zoological collections. Most important is the botanical collection (Herbarium Acronym OHN).

The number of specimens in the herbarium amounts to about 240.000. Most of these, about 80%, are vascular plants from Sweden, mainly the southern parts.

The botanical collection is registered in a database which is searchable through the following link: Search Herbarium OHN

The zoological collections are more limited, mainly consisting of insects and birds.

Visiting address: Gyllings väg 9, Oskarshamn
Phone: +46 491 77161, +46 070 6068621

Postal address: Humlekärrshultsvägen 10, S-572 41 Oskarshamn, Sweden





Herbarium OHN. Databasen har uppdaterats 2019-11-11 och innehåller nu 271.000 poster.

Gallbildningar. En litet galleri med bilder av galler nås från sidan Växter > Herbarium OHN.


Måndag 30 december 11:00
Museivisning. Guidad visning av Biologiska museet. Biologiska museets entré, Gyllings väg 9.


Fredag 17 januari 13:00
Museivisning. Guidad visning av Biologiska museet. Samling vid Biologiska museets entré, Gyllings väg 9.


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